Buy Tokens – Referal program


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IMPORTANT: Set higher transaction fee or the Gas limit to 200,000 for safety. Any excess gas will be refunded.

1 BPT= 0.001 ETH


If you don’t have ETH, you can pay with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency using Shapeshift:


Don’t have an Ethereum wallet? Creating it is easy – just click on the text below:

  1. Go to MyEtherWallet. This link will lead you directly to the Create New Wallet page.
  2. Enter a strong password (we recommend at least 20 characters).
  3. Click on the Create New Wallet button.
  4. Click Download Keystore File. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  5. Now, click I understand. Continue.
  6. The following page will display your private key information. The private key can unlock your wallet if you forget your password, so it’s very important to keep your private key safe. Print your private key + save it where no one can access it.
  7. Click Next: Save Your Address.

Unlocking your wallet:

  1. To access your wallet and/or complete any transactions on MyEtherWallet, you’ll need to unlock your wallet first.
  2. To unlock the wallet, you need the keystore file you previously downloaded (the one starting with UTC – 2017- and a date stamp) and your wallet password.
  3. When you see the unlock screen, choose the Keystore File (UTC / JSON) option. When you select this option, a SELECT WALLET FILE… button appears on the right.
  4. Click the button to find the wallet file on your computer or external drive. After you select the file, you’ll also be prompted to enter your password.
  5. If both elements match, you can now click on the Unlock button that appears.
  6. To check your wallet balance, click on the View Wallet Info tab.
  7. After you unlock the wallet, you’ll see your public Account Address, your Account Balance and Token Balances in the left column.
  8. Save your account address for later — this is your wallet’s public address, which you can use to send and receive Ether or various tokens like the BPT tokens.

Congratulations! Your new Ethereum wallet is now set up and fully functional. What’s next? Open a Kraken or account & buy Ether (ETH)!


  1. To sign up for a new Kraken account, go to their homepage ( & enter your email, username, and password. Don’t forget to check the box to agree with their Terms of Service & Privacy Policy!
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Either click on the confirmation link or copy & paste the verification code on the activation page to activate your new Kraken account.
  3. Before you can start trading, you need to verify your identify. You can click on the Get Verified link right away to get started. P.S. – you can get verified for different tiers, depending on how much you want to deposit or trade.
  4. To start the verification process, fill in the Tier 1 verification form. If you want to upgrade to another tier, you can fill out the relevant forms afterwards. Please keep in mind that it can take several days to process the verification application. You’ll receive an email when your application is processed.

Buying ETH on Kraken and transfering them to your Ethereum wallet

  1. Once your Kraken account is verified, you can deposit funds into your Kraken account. Visit the website again, log in, and click on the Funding tab, and then click the Deposit section.
  2. Select your currency in the menu on the left. If you select EUR or USD, you’ll also have to select the Deposit Method from the drop-down menu.
  3. Follow the instructions that appear on the page after selecting your preferred deposit method to make the transaction. Please keep in mind that it can take a few days for bank deposits to process.
  4. Once you have money in your Kraken account, you can exchange it for a different currency using the Trade tab. To start a new trading order, click the New Order option on the Trade page and select the currency combination from the top left drop-down menu on the black bar displaying the trading information. For instance, if you want to buy ETH with EUR, select ETH > ETH/EUR; if you want to buy ETH with USD, select ETH > ETH/USD.
  5. Once the purchased ETH appear in your Kraken account, it’s time to transfer ETH into your own Ethereum wallet. Click the Funding tab again, but this time click Withdraw and select Ether (ETH) in the menu on the left. If you’re new to Kraken, you will first need to add your new wallet address. Click the Add address button to reveal the relevant form. When the transaction is processed, the Ether you withdrew from Kraken will appear in your Ethereum wallet.

Good job! Now that you have some Ether in your own wallet, you will be able to get BillPoker tokens.


  1. If you use MyEtherWallet, you can start a new transaction by going to the Send Ether & Tokens tab. You will need to unlock your wallet first: select the Keystore File (UTC / JSON) option, choose your locally saved keystore wallet file, enter your password, and click on the Unlock button that appears.
  2. Once your wallet is unlocked, copy-paste the BillPoker crowdsale ETH address: 0x32ff276E98517ef6e0ad7Bc7b2674bAa0f1c388B into the To Address field on the Send Transaction page.
  3. In the Amount to Send field, enter the amount of ETH you want to contribute. In the Gas Limit field, enter 400 000 gas (that is a small fee needed by the Ethereum network to process your transaction; any excess gas will be refunded).
  4. If your transaction is successful, you will receive your BPT tokens into your wallet automatically. If you use MyEtherWallet, BPT tokens will appear in the Token Balances section.


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